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Effective May 1, 2020, the Kenora Skating Club became the
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Healthy Eating Policy for Kenora Skating Academy



Kenora Skating Academy recognizes the importance of healthy eating in promoting health and wellbeing to our coaches, our skaters, our skating families and all of our community members. Kenora Skating Academy is committed to creating a healthy environment which supports our skaters, coaching staff, volunteers and community visitors to make healthy food and drink choices.


The objective of this policy is to support our skaters, coaching staff, volunteers and community visitors in making healthy food and drink choices by:

  • Creating an environment which supports healthy food and drink choices
  • Increasing availability and promotion of healthier foods and safe potable water to drink instead of sugar sweetened drinks
  • Decreasing availability and promotion of unhealthy foods and sugar sweetened drinks
  • Increasing knowledge and skills of staff, volunteers and community members regarding healthy eating and the importance of consuming water daily.


Kenora Skating Academy, much like other local sports clubs and associations reach a substantial proportion of the population (through participants, spectators, supporters, volunteers, sponsors) and are well placed to be leaders in establishing health-promoting environments and support individuals who are seeking a healthier way of living. Additionally, coaches play a key role in influencing nutrition and hydration practices among junior sports participants. As role models and club authorities, coaches are well positioned to reinforce positive messages regarding the beneficial role of nutrition and hydration in health and in sport. These key messages include:

  • Children participating in sport with poor meal, snack and drink choices may become tired, irritable and lethargic, and may even struggle to maintain interest and enjoyment in sport and regular physical activities.
  • Dehydration affects concentration and coordination.

Where does the policy apply?

This policy applies in all areas where Kenora Skating Academy is in control of the distribution of foods and/or drinks which are provided to our skaters, coaching staff, volunteers and community visitors. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Skater code of conduct (as found on the KSA webpage and in the Skaters’ Rules of Conduct sheet)
  • Catering provided by the organization for meetings, functions and events (such as community events, celebrations and ceremonies)
  • Catering provided in a facility by external user groups where KSA is a sponsor or it is a KSA sanctioned event
  • Fundraising activities
  • Rewards, incentives, gifts, prizes and give-aways
  • Advertising, promotion and sponsorship.


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